Car model architecture

Car model architecture

Song Anh Architecture model Company specializes in providing model vehicles for architectural models in Vietnam. Model vehicles have different types and uses. Each type of car will have different special functions depending on the needs of users.

Each architectural model will be accompanied by different static models such as car models, model people, model trees, etc. to further decorate your model project more vivid and true. We, the Song Anh model company, offer a wide range of small to large models, in all sizes – proportions, vehicles, models. You can refer to some car products that we make.

Some model car models that we provide. With a variety of colors and designs, you have the freedom to choose the right model for your model project.

Car model - Song Anh architectural model

Car model – Song Anh architectural model

Model car models also include different model ratios. Usually fixed rates are 1:50, 1:75, 1: 100, 1: 150, 1: 200. At Song Anh Company, we can do any rate depending on the requirements of customers.

Some bus models, container trucks and trucks in the architectural model. Suitable for factory model projects, planning model. These trucks model to describe the scene working at the factory.

Bus model 01

Bus model 02

Container model

Struck models

In addition, Song Anh architectural model also carries other models such as motorcycle models, motorcycle models, etc. We design and manufacture vehicle models (with lights or No lights) for customers when buying goods at our company. Depending on the purpose of displaying your project model, we can produce the appropriate model types.

To buy a model car, please contact us at:

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  • Phone: 0983 21 24 21 – 0982 008 706

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