Planning model – Hoai An Vien Cemetery Park Dong Nai

Planning model – Hoai An Vien Cemetery Park Dong Nai

The world population in general and in Vietnam in particular has increased, and the percentage of people lost has not decreased.

With the tradition of “living have house, death have graves,” many people in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces also want to return to the land after the deceased, causing the demand for graveyard land increased sharply.

Hoai An Vien Cemetery Park

Population in urban areas is increasing, the demand for cemetery land also increases accordingly. The profit of the cemetery land business has overwhelmed the bad idea about this place and started attracting businesses. ”

When the two large cemeteries Van Dien (Hanoi) and Binh Hung Hoa cemetery closed (HCMC) has put too much pressure on the system of internal cemetery land.

In the face of the difficulties of finding a place for burial for his deceased relatives, the cremation solution is not the way people choose. From the situation that requires management agencies to quickly build  “the cemetery park ” to meet the needs of people.

To introduce to the public, investors do not hesitate to promote cemetery images with different tactics. Hoa Vien Cemetery Binh Duong for staff “marketing” cemetery services to each funeral facilities in the districts of Tan Uyen, Thuan An, Ben Cat … An Vien Vinh Hang cemetery invited famous artists to advertise Cemetery image and introduction on television. Son Trang Tien Canh set up a website for the Internet, filmed a short video about a successful website in Malaysia and posted it on YouTube. At present, the Hoa Vien building is full and up to 70 million – 120 million / 1 location.

Every year in three provinces of Ho Chi Minh City – Binh Duong – Dong Nai has more than 100,000 dead people need a few dozen hectares of land to make cemeteries. It is expected that by the year 2050 these three provinces will have about 900ha of land dedicated to cemetery projects in conjunction with the park.

And Hoai An Vien Cemetery Park is one of the projects granted a long-term land use right certificate by the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province for the purpose of building a modern cemetery park in accordance with the tradition. traditional customs of the nation.

With the right criteria when buying land for thought such as: convenient transportation infrastructure, good feng shui, high land, surrounded by many pagodas, many facilities, beautiful scenery, cozy … Hoai An Vien Park with an area of 74 hectares, located on National Highway 56, Long Khanh Town, Dong Nai Province is a prime geographic location.

Hoai An Vien Cemetary Park Project

Hoai An Vien is a modern cemetery park combining spiritual tourism with a total investment of hundreds of billion. The whole campus is designed to be as green as a maximum ecological garden with special flowers from the regions throughout the country.

Hoai An Vien Cemetery Planning Project is similar to other master planning projects. Hoai An Vien is also represented by an architectural modeling company under a small model to It gives an overview of the project to everyone when they come to buy a place to live for their loved ones or themselves later.

Hoai An Vien cemetery planning model is modeled by Song Anh as a park cemetery.

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 1

With a size of 800x2000mm and a 1/750 scale, the Hoai An Vien Planning model is surrounded by trees and grassy green grass under a golden light and a high altitude, the model reflects exactly the criteria of a where pure thought.

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 2

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 3

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 4

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 5

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 6

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 7

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 8

Hoai An Vien cemetary park planning model 9

This is the project that Song Anh model company has implemented to two models on one project. Through this company Song Anh sincerely thanks Beta Viet Corp has trusted Song Anh company the opportunity to cooperate.

In addition to the planning model of the company, Song Anh company also performs the following items:

  • High-rise model
  • Factory model
  • Equipment model
  • Interior model
  • Industrial park model

With the criteria of quality products, prestige work, full support and many years of experience in the field of architectural model, Song Anh will always be a good choice for investors in their projects.

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