Architectural model – Song Anh model company

Architectural model – Song Anh model company

Maquette are important tools in real estate projects, planning, factories. Making maquette is a work that requires meticulous, creative and articulate work. Today, Song Anh will guide you how to make architecture model from A to Z.

làm sa bàn chuyên nghiệp

What is maquette ?

  • Maquette is a miniature form of the whole context of people, things, phenomena. This model is a high-precision simulation version that helps the viewer evaluate, study the overall size and structure of the object. This is a powerful tool in the field of real estate, bidding to present and persuade the project panorama. Besides, these are beautiful artworks to every militiam with high aesthetic value.
  • Maquette has a variety of models such as home, apartment, factory, transportation, soccer, war, history, sports, … applicable in many important areas. In addition, the miniature works are art toys infatuated with millions of followers around the world.

làm sa bàn chuyên nghiệp

Common materials used for making maquette

Model making is the method that helps to reproduce the scene in the most accurate and accurate way. Therefore, the materials used to make the model must be carefully selected. Designers can use a variety of materials to make the work. However, basically we can name common modeling materials such as:

  • Foam paper is full in color and size.
  • Mica roof tile.
  • Wall tiles and decorative tiles.
  • Floor tiles of many types.
  • Films make windows and water surfaces authentic.
  • Paper, paperboard, plaster, cloth, sponge, pointed, wood, earth, hair, …
  • Common colors, palettes and brushes.
  • Instruments for measuring, cutting, gluing and fixing objects.
  • Cleaning tools details.

You see, the material that makes up the finished product is relatively easy to find and not too expensive. What makes the soul of the work is the talent, craftsmanship, meticulous and creative creativity of artisans. Please read the standard process to create the beautiful work by senior experts share it offline !

làm sa bàn chuyên nghiệp

How to make beautiful the maquette

This is normal for students of architecture schools or those who are interested in modeling.Here, Song Anh architectural model company will guide you how to make beautiful maquette – the amazing little works.

  • Step 1: Get detailed ideas for the entire model. This is the first and most important step in the implementation process. In this stage you have to shape the idea to plan all the stages behind. This will help us work efficiently, on schedule and save money.
  • Step 2: Choose the most economical material. There are many types of materials from affordable to high-end to choose from. If you’ve ever seen online video tutorials, you’ll be amazed at how truly stunning models can be made from simple materials. The secret to success lies in the creativity and flexible application of all that can be used. With your ingenuity you can make works that make the whole world just amazing from the simplest objects.
  • Step 3: Frame construction. On the whole and the original idea, we will make the most basic frame. This step is like the artist’s sketch or the initial shape of the statue. This is also a way to help people adjust the proportion of components, avoiding missing parts of the plan.
  • Step 4: Landscape painting requires the designer to have artistic eyes perceive subtle colors. You should choose the water color of the prestigious companies to make color accurate and true.
  • Step 5: Weeding, house, wall … Every detail on the building, even the smallest, needs to be meticulously cared for. If you want to save time and effort, you can buy ready-made specimens. These models have been erected and color-coded for immediate use.

In addition to manual maquette, there is now a type of 3D printer model. Just a complete drawing, you can quickly “print” all objects.However, this technology is still unpopular and expensive. Therefore, the method of making handicrafts is still popular with many people. Design readers can follow the list of tutorials on the website – the leading company in the field of providing architectural models in Vietnam.

Making a maquette is a challenging and highly challenging job but extremely enjoyable. The feeling of re-imagining the magnificent scenery is an unforgettable joy. Song Anh company will continue to guide, advise on this interesting work in the following. Good luck!

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