Grass, tree powder for Architectural models

Grass, tree powder for Architectural models

Grass powder or tree powder is a kind of material made of nylon fiber or viscose fiber. Modeling grass shade is used to decorate the ground or model trees for architectural models. When it comes to grass powder or tree powder, the architects will probably know. In the large and small model projects that Song Anh architectural model implemented is used to make the lawn and architecture model trees

Powdered grass model

Powder grass model has many different colors. In particular, the grass powder will have two main forms are grass form and form of carpet. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the use of each person you should choose grass powder or grass carpet.

Powder grass for architectural model

You can refer to the CoCo Riverside Architectural model that we have made and use grass meal for the project.

Grass carpet for architectural model

Powder tree for architectural model

For powder tree, there is only one form of powder. But the variety of colors also makes the modeling powder become more diversified product type. The modeling powder that Song Anh’s model company provides will include a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Powder tree for architectural model

From the powdery ingredients to the model plants, you can create your own model products that are most impressive and true. Support for your model projects, powder grass or powder tree is the product needed for the model. It is green space for the project to beautify the model that you make.


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