With the growing real estate market, Architectural model making also grows, which is also the demand of customers and investors looking for.

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Real estate market

Building architectural models for customers and investors in a detailed and detailed way. Customers also find it difficult to find a model partner.

You don’t need to worry anymore, Song Anh will help you make the models from easiest to most difficult. Song Anh always gives you quality and prestige models, trust us.

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Why do architectural model projects impress customers?

The project architecture model has a tremendous impact on customer emotions, particularly in the real estate sector. Taking advantage of this factor, Song Anh has led and persuaded customers to become easy with a higher success rate.

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Architectural model project

That is also the “key to Sale” that Song Anh has brought to hundreds of real estate enterprises nationwide.

In fact, each customer only needs the first 5-18 seconds to feel like or dislike it when visiting the model. Customer satisfaction at this stage is the “golden key” to help businesses expand their doors, bringing the transaction to a successful destination.

The project shows the scale for customers when watching 

Making the right architectural model – sufficient in quantity:

We often say, the success of a company as an architectural model is reflected in the quality of the model they implement.

Quality models are satisfactory in terms of form and best meet the durability and beauty requirements of customers. We can say briefly, beautiful models have enough quality and quantity factors.

The success of an architectural model company is reflected in the quality of the model they implement.

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Quality model scale

In a deeper sense, the quality is the standard that the architectural model needs to achieve in terms of its durability. The model must show solidity as well as firm structure.

Architectural model project install in camboida

The amount here is expressed and the sophistication and beauty that the company makes architectural models on its products.

How much newness in the model is expressed and promoted is a measure of the amount for the model. Architectural modelers must show their sophistication and sensitivity through every detail.

Accessories, factors that determine the architectural model success

Making an architectural model requires a lot of meticulousness from the implementers. Taking care of every little detail is not only reflected in the foundations, paint, structure, but also in the accessories of the model.

The space will be more beautiful and eye-catching to customers if the company makes an architectural model to coordinate more scenes such as greenery, garden, swimming pool, as many complex projects have done.

The best modeling materials

In particular, amidst the market demand for healthy living space today, this way of breaking up will make customers love and invest more.


Another type of accessory that is very interested in architectural model companies is the lighting system for the model. This is the factor that almost decides the success or failure of the project.

There are many architectural models that have been highly appreciated only through the complete change of lighting and help highlight products during the project offering..

Making a professional architectural model will always pay attention to incorporating the image and material of the accessory to give a clear consultation to the customer before embarking on it.

Because if the project has been completed, the new implementer of this idea will make the customer feel costly and unsatisfied with the service.

Is architecture model really beneficial ?

Architectural model for customers to see how beautiful real apartments, comfort where?

And from there customers or investors will be more secure when buying it.

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Beneficial of model scale

The fact that modeling makes customers have a better overview, know exactly all the materials and materials that will be used for actual construction. This helps customers better understand colors, architecture and create interest for investors.

To understand that “headphones are unseen”, describing a beautiful project, no matter how gorgeous it is, how can it be compared to seeing it, interacting with the model.

Understanding the difficulties of customers when looking for a reputable model design unit, Song Anh Company was born with the mission of implementing models that both ensure technical quality and convey the full message of the project.

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