Why do architectural model for real estate?

Why do architectural model for real estate?

In the face of fierce competition in the real estate market, architectural modeling is a smart and optimal solution to help investors and project owners reach their customers most effectively.

Between hundreds of real estate projects launched every year, how do customers pay attention and arise the need to “buy” their products? This anxiety of the investor can be completely cleared by the choice as the architectural model show casing the project.

The World Bank says that in 2016, Cambodia has become the fastest growing economy in the world, with GDP expected to grow by 6,9% by 2018. Forecasts, the real estate market in Cambodia will grow strongly this year.

Sửa chữa mô hình kiến trúc

Making architectural patterns increase the purchasing decision of the target customers

As an experienced investor, contractor or marketer, you have come to realize that prototype and rigid architectural drawings only partially show the visual needs, no emotional value of the customer. And this limitation invisibly reduces or suppresses the need to use as well as “kills” the customer’s buying needs

Meanwhile, architectural modeling will portray the essence of each project with vivid, sharp images of people as well as scenery. From the models of this project, customers are not only seen but also deeply feel the architectural space in the future of themselves and their families in the new apartment or villa.

This practical experience stimulates the senses that make up the buying decision of the target customer. Thus, the introduction of a project architecture into the marketing process not only minimizes the cost to investors but also increases the efficiency of access and promotes the decision to buy the project of each customer.

Increasing customer confidence in the project

Based on the architectural model, investors will know where their cash flow will be invested, how profitable they are. Will customers see their future home and living space to decide whether to contribute to the building? Therefore, architectural model is a very important role for project investors.

The architecture of Song Anh is proud of being the real estate business model in Vietnam and Cambodia,, Song Anh – Professional architectural model company is ready to provide concrete advice and Free for all investors, project owners and marketers are the most effective architectural models.

With many projects that Song Anh has implemented from Central to South Vietnam as the project: Modeling in Nha Trang, Modeling in Nha Be, Modeling in Dong Nai, … and other project in Cambodia as: National bank in Cambodia, Empire World in Bavet City – Cambodia, … Song Anh will be a prestigious partner for customers.

And “Now” as architectural model in Song Anh, customers will be free 1 of 3 packages as follow:

➊ Real Estate Website Design

➋ Design Brochure Project

➌ Design Kit Salekits project



– Depending on the contract value will be free from 1 to 3 design packages

– Customers pay one time for the entire contract value.


If you wish to use the service, please visit:

➊ Website: https://www.mohinhkientruc.org

➋ Hotline: (+84) 983.21.24.21 – (+855) 6821.9999

➌ Email: mohinhsonganh@gmail.com

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