Conic Riverside Model project in HCM city

Conic Riverside Model project in HCM city

Conic Riverside is located at the junction of Nguyen Van Linh, Vanh Dai Trong and Ta Quang Buu, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Conic Riverside Model Project in HCM city

Conic Riverside Model Project

Total construction area of the project is 13,650.8m2, building density of 22%, scale of 22 floors, providing about 664 apartments with the density of 18 units per floor.

In there, the basement area is 3,260m2, arranged as parking, technical room. The first floor and the mezzanine floor are 5.852m2, the commercial and service area. From the second floor for two community living rooms, two gymnasiums. From floors 3 to 22 is the floor of the apartment.

Conic Riverside model in HCM city

Conic Riverside high-rise model

Conic Riverside model project in HCM city

High-rise model in HCM city

Conic Riverside Model Project in HCM city

Song Anh Architectural Model – Conic Riverside

For customers and investors to have a more comprehensive view on the project. The investor of the Conic Group has selected Song Anh architecture model company to implement the Conic Riverside model project.

Conic Riverside project making model

The Conic Riverside project is under development at 1/75 scale model and 2900 x 3800 (mm) in size with 2 main blocks. The infrastructure is fully integrated within the project including green system, the contours of the river are simulated to the actual location of the project. The green park – the pool at the center adds to the elegance of the project, followed by the central park and the riverside walkway. They help the project not be diluted due to its many rivers. Help the project more environmentally friendly.

The road system on the model was implemented at a standardized rate. It show the extensiveness and convenience of the traffic section of the project. And then there’s river traffic, the Conic project has large river areas, large and small ships are all over the river. Bridges cross the river for transportation and longer. Decorate the beauty of the model and the whole project.

Conic Riverside Model Project in HCM city

The Conic Riverside Project

Project implementation is the best way to advertise, customers go to buy an apartment or villa in the near future. if you see the actual image you will be more secure than the product you buy through a drawing. Making a beautiful architecture model is the key to creating an effective business.

Eventually, the Song Anh company sincerely thanked Conic Corporation for its cooperation with us to create the Conic Riverside model project.

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