Architectural model in Vietnam

Architectural model in Vietnam

Implicated to meet the needs of people living on the increase, real estate market by the end of 2017 and the development in 2018 are developing continuously. Therefore, there needs to be a reasonable adjustment to address the current phase of supply-demand, helping the market return to a healthy and sustainable development. As for this growth, some of the related occupations in the real estate sector also increased. Typically: design, construction, 3D movies, .. and within the framework of today’s article, I will mention the architectural aspect, which is “do architectural model” for real estate projects in Vietnam. See also: What is the architecture model?

Architectural Model In VietNam

Architectural models for real estate projects are no longer unfamiliar to investors in and outside the country. Architectural model in Vietnam in particular, in 2016 and 2017, there are thousands of projects of many big and small investors, and the profit generated from the project model is not small. Therefore, modeling in Vietnam is a very hot field in the coming years, so the appearance of many units implementing architecture model is obvious. With the development of internet technology, it is difficult for investors to find a reputable professional partner, as there are hundreds of thousands of companies executing architectural models appearing on search engines. google.

A pioneer in the architectural model in Vietnam, With over 10 years of experience, more than 1000 large and small projects in Vietnam and abroad, have exported models to many countries: Cambodia, Philippines, Australia,… Song Anh is confident that he will bring to customers products of architectural style that is unique, lively and honest in such items as: model of some types of golf course master project, public works, high-rise buildings, industrial parks, parks, projects, contests.

And “NOW” as architectural model in Song Anh, customers will be free 1 of 3 packages as follows:

Website Design REAL ESTATE

Design Brochure Project

Design Kit Salekits project



– Depending on the contract value will be free from 1 to 3 design packages

– Customers pay one time for the entire contract value.


If you wish to use the service, please visit:


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