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You have a customer and have demand to make Architectural model scale, but you don’t know more about it and want to research carefully to complete your model scales. Join us in the post below to better understand the field of this Architectural Model.
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1. What is the architectural model ?
2. The benefits of architectural model
3. Architectural model in Vietnam
4. The commitment of the Song Anh model scale company
5. Whole project model that company has maked
What is the architrctural model ?
It’s pretty simple question and almost evryone knows and be understood as follow: If you want to buy a house or participate in a planning project that land area to implement the project too large that you can not image or difficult to interpret for your customers about that project. Based on that demand, the field of architectural model is formed. It’s a miniature model with the right size for a real-world project. The purpose of the architectural model is to give the viewer have an overview of the project that they are interested in. Fom there, they can evalute and comment more closely on that project.
The enefits of architectural model
Considered a miniature version of a project, so the benefits of architectural model is extremely great. Show fully and detailed lines of design, sticking to the drawing works. In some architectural models, real construction materials are also used for practical application. And the important thing is to help investors or customers have a better view of the color, the actual structure of the building.
Architectural model simulate the actual image of a building so that it is offen used for display in the launch of projects or projects that real estate agencies or many other industries. If a customer is planning to buy a villa, a building of project is being constructed. It’s hard to image the drawings when you don’t understand the architecture. Architectural models will be the solution to help your customers fell more secure when buying your deposit, so architectural model helps a lot in your business.
On the technical side, the architectural model will enable architects to review their real projects on a miniature model. From there, they can see architectural flwas, see more clearly the risks to be overcome quickly. Helping the investment units minimize the cost of construction projects. This is a form of saving a lot of time in the process of building and repairing your project.
The arcitectural has many benefits in the field of history. Models can reproduce ancient works, reproduce historic building and improve them with unique materials. The valuse of these ancient models can bring enormous profits when exhibited for visitors to visit. And in fact, this has brought a lot of success and a lot of revenue for model maker.
In short, the architectural models benefits are enormous. It is a resource for the development of the human mind, helping to satisfy the creative passion of man through the models they bring.
Architectural model in Vietnam
In Vietnam, the architectural model industry is on the rise. From 2000 up to now, it is estimated that there are several dozen model companies every year. With the emergence of model companies, the harmonization of the mand for customers. And now, the criteria to ensure the demand for customers is no longer is effective to develop. From 2006 onward, the innovative architectural model will be the criterion that model companies will implement and apply. And that is one of the criteria that Song Anh Architectural model company focuses on.
The commitment of the company Song Anh model
Song Anh Architectural Model Company can survive and stand on the market today by following the operating criteria set by the company. In addition, thanks to the support and trust of customers when cooperating with the company model Song Anh. It is an honor for us and we will ensure to keep the spirit and responsibility to customers.
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The entire model project that the company has made