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Song Anh Architectural Model

Dear Customers ! We are Song Anh Architectural Model.

Nowadays, the architectural model is the integral products of exhibitions and shows on architectures, buildings and so forth. It is an important bridge between design and concept realization via construction to facilitate the designers to grasp a more comprehensive, accurate and inclusive view on aspects. Then the design errors or failure can be recovered before the architectural concept is realized.

Song Anh Architectural Model is the leading architectural model maker in Vietnam. The generation of perfect architecture models requires many factors including aesthetics, diligence, craftsmanship and creativeness in combination with advanced technology. The architectural models are conducted in all materials from mica, wood, plastic, paper and so on, cut by the latest digital cutter such as laser cutter, CNC engraver.

All the outputs are covered with color proof epoxy paint. With high quality and experienced architects as well as professional staffs, it is strongly believed to offer customers the luxury architectural models ranging from categories such as sample model of some planning works, public works, high-rise buildings, industrial parks, parks, projects, competition plans, etc.