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Architectural models


Activity Criteria

Quality products

Performance criteria Song Anh architecture model company works with the criteria to give customers the highest quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction for our company

With many models such as high rise model, planning model, interior model, factory model … we will bring the best quality products.

Experienced many years of experience, quality criteria set by the company has been proved through good evaluation of partners, customers

Work prestige

Accompanying quality, the prestige of Song Anh company is also placed on the top. Because we understand that our credibility will be rewarded with the trust of our customers

In most model categories, we take care of every little detail, each aspect of the model, to create the most authentic and perfect model of architecture.

Some model projects implemented by Song Anh Company have partly proved our prestige to customers who have cooperated with us.

Full support

Capture important points from customer support, we are ready to assist you from product quotation to product maintenance.

We understand that any service requires the support of our customers, so in every model item, we provide our customers with the best support.

Any inquiries from customers, customers can contact our support channels so that we can answer them most enthusiastically.

More than 100 Projects

36 Customers


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