Unique golf Architectural model – CT Sphinx golf model

Unique golf Architectural model – CT Sphinx golf model

CT Sphinx Golf ( old name : golf Cu ) CT Corporation Group . Located on Highway 22 – An Ha Bridge , between Cu Chi and Hoc Mon District , HCM City . With an area of ​​200ha.

Global CT Sphinx golf model by Song Anh Architectural Model Company

Design class – an unique model

This 36-hole golf course designed by two talented designers Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley , is one of the golf courses are beautiful and unique expectations of Vietnam and is also highly challenging field for the golfer .

15 and 16 hole C.T Sphinx golf course model

Whole this golf course architecture model space is shown exactly as intended by the designers and investors , Meticulous attention to every detail of green grass area , fairway grass , grass buffers , to lakes , bunkers , and other works … create a harmonious impression .

The difference

The knowledge of the field of golf and creative , inquisitive also help our Song Anh Architectural Model Company performed this model flawlessly .

Realizing a class designed a three -dimensional model space living , which is the difference in the performance of the model this golf course architecture

Some images taken from the actual CT Sphinx golf model:

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