Making model – a galaxies model

Making model – a galaxies model

Making galaxy models with models of stars, planetary models, model moon, comet model… to express passion as well as souvenirs for friends and relatives. Today our professional team of Song Anh Architectural Model Company will show you how to make a galaxy model is simple but also extremely interesting .

Step 1 : Using watercolor paint marked the point to design the shape and color of the model galaxies . You can paint the stars , the planets , the moon , and comets , if you want . After all , these are all objects created galaxy!

Step 2 : Spread the carton or plastic sheet to protect table or the floor and put the filter on it.

Step 3 : Use a syringe or dropper to drop some water on small water filter graph . Water will make the colors in each other is very lovely . Let the furniture dry filter model .

Step 4 : When the filter graph model dry , cut into models of galaxy shapes . You may want to do a “weapon ” of the spiral galaxy very long . Scientists have discovered the spiral arms often extend much farther than anyone thought . You should do the galaxy models of different sizes , the smaller ones would seem to be farther away.

Step 5 : Arrange the pattern of your galaxy on a black sheet of paper and use double sided tape to stick the galaxy this black surface of the paper.

Step 6 : If you prefer , use milk glue to add some glitter highlights for model blue galaxies of you . This represents thousands of new stars are born in the galaxy.

Step 7 : In addition you can also use 2-sided adhesive or glue a piece of paper on the back of black cardboard as boundaries for the two sides . And dotted background colors yellow, green, red ….

Step 8 : Complete .

Now it’s easy to model galaxies impressive.

Song Anh Architectural Model Company.

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