How do you make a golf model ?

How do you make a golf model ?

Our technicians team of Song Anh Architectural Model Company will guide you how to make a model of golf course life brings joy , even though the modeling is quite boring golf pale .

You must select suitable materials and have a passion for golf model. The following steps will guide you how to perform a golf model .

Materials needed :

  • MDF panels ( as ground model golf )
  • White Sand Beach
  • Green foam panels
  • Foam Sheets dark green or brown
  • Trees and pattern grass
  • Scissors or X – Acto knife
  • Glue
  • Pencils

Golf course model scale

How to proceed:

1 . Buy all the materials and tools needed for the model to perform golf . The store sells furniture and architectural art always has this material and tools .

2 . Starting from the ground , on a portion of a sheet of plywood , outlines the fixed area of the golf course . Bookmark the green , bunkers and the green areas are arranged in golf .

3 . Start with green . Cut foam rings in accordance with the shape of the green by using scissors or knife and then glued the right part of the green into our area is arranged on ground model golf .

4 . Use dark foam sheets , cut areas will be located in the model green golf course and also glued to the ground . On the ground now will be evident on plate green areas and green foam green area on the plate to form a dark colored trees later .

5 . Make hole golf course sand model . Apply glue to the spot position on the ground bunkers and sand sprinkled the area . After the glue dried , sand will stick to the ground .

6 . Planting of greenery in the area has been located previously . Make the hole and flag .

Golf course model

Now you’ve got a golf course model with full details as green , bunker and green areas between the golf hole .

Learn how to make a model of a golf course is not too difficult , but it will take some time . Just you have to give you a little time and make a careful meticulous, you will have a beautiful golf course model and the application

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