Ho Chi Minh City High-tech Farm Architecture Model

Ho Chi Minh City High-tech Farm Architecture Model

With the vigorous development of chemical technology and the advancement of science and technology. To improve labor productivity and product diversification in agriculture. It has formed the idea of a research institute producing vegetable seeds called Ho Chi Minh City High-tech Farm.

mô hình nông trại kỹ thuật cao TP.HCM

To develop more and less errors, so the model of high-tech farm Ho Chi Minh city was born. Bearing the criteria for diversified products in agriculture, the model develops precisely from start to finish. With the enthusiastic cooperation from partners, the model of Ho Chi Minh City High Tech Farm is completed without any obstacle.

mô hình nhà máy nông nghiệp kỹ thuật cao TP.HCM

Along the way, additional editing and creative details have also been developed at the time of modeling. It is hoped that this model will contribute to improving the agricultural development potential in Vietnam. The project has a rate of 1/1500 by Chanh Phong Agriculture Co., Ltd. in partnership with architectural company Song Anh.

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