The first river bus in Vietnam officially comes into operation

The first river bus in Vietnam officially comes into operation

The first river bus in Vietnam has officially come into operation. The 18m long river route connecting District 1 and Thu Duc district was officially launched on 21/8

On the morning of August 21, the inauguration ceremony of the waterway route 1 connecting the district 1 and Thu Duc district took place, organized by the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City and Thuong Nhat Co., Ltd. – the investment unit .

Lễ hạ thủy tuyến số 1 tàu buýt đường sông đầu tiên tại Việt Nam

The representative of the investor said that before the operation was officially put into operation, the river bus was operational for a period of one month from 30 June to 30 July.
Accordingly, the whole line consists of five ships (80 seats each), of which four are daily shipped and one is reserved.
Investment route in the form of public-private partnership (BO), with a 10.8 km long route passing through 12 terminals (9 official berths and 3 additional wharves).
The travel time from the beginning to the end of the route is about 30 minutes. Time for ships to pick up and drop off passengers is 3 minutes.
The representative of the investor acknowledged that the development of the waterway transport model is currently facing difficulties due to the investment cost, in which the cost of operation and technical management is very high. In addition, this type of new strange new people should not smoke guests.

The project was proposed and submitted by Thuat Nhật Co., Ltd. Initially, the project was proposed by Thuong Nhat company in 2010 and assigned to research and development units. But until 2012, the project is halted and until 2015 it will start operating again.

Mô hình tàu buýt và dự án thật

Present at the ceremony, Bui Xuan Cuong – Director of Department of Transport Ho Chi Minh City highly appreciate the efforts of investors.

Mr Cuong said HCM City has advantages over 1,000 km of inland waterway traffic. Over the years, it has contributed greatly to the economy, society …

According to Mr. Cuong, the situation of traffic jams, environmental pollution in Ho Chi Minh City is increasing. Currently, passenger transport is based on buses, taxis account for 10%. Target 2020 to be 20%. In particular, buses and taxis account for 10-17%. The rest are expected to be metropolitan rail lines and inland waterways.

The project is likely to be an effective solution to overcome traffic congestion in the area and also bring newness and modernity in traffic in Vietnam. “I need to remind investors to focus, ensuring the best service for people, tourists. Do not let them come once and turn away from this type will be very difficult “- Mr. Cuong emphasized.

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