The benefits of designing a golf model

The benefits of designing a golf model

In recent times , due to the impact of the difficult economy in general and real estate sector , in particular to the construction of the golf course development slowed . The golf course owner continually promote the PR and marketing campaign for the golf course and real estate projects in his golf . And we make it easy to see the golf course project model is currently targeted by investors as an effective solution .

Global CT Sphinx golf model by Song Anh Architectural Model Company

So what is the real benefit of modeling the golf course ?

1 ) model for the golf course golfers will have the overall look is clearly visualize the 3D space of height , the layout of the golf hole , some clubs play each hole … so decided to play What courtyard .

2 ) golf model will help the owner and designer overview , covers and more accurate perspective on all of our golf courses from which to assess the practicality of projects , and can adjust the technical flaws in the design process before being deployed to build .

3 ) The golf model helps courses call for investment in the project . Indeed profile beyond capacity , legal documents , design documents … investors are looking forward to clear the golf course project that they invest in the future will be like . And the golf modeling also aims to convince investors to put money into .

4 ) Reality vivid golf Model is an effective tool in supporting PR , golf marketing as search and customer development .

15 and 16 hole C.T Sphinx golf course model


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