Basic knowledge required for beginners to model the architecture

Basic knowledge required for beginners to model the architecture

Before learning what knowledge is fundamental to the modeling industry, you should start with the question What is an architecture model? firstly. Because once you know what that is, the most basic know-how about it will naturally come into being. So what is the architecture model?

What is the architecture model?

This is a pretty familiar question for architecture students, and what about others? Most of the answers I heard were inaccurate. They think that architectural modeling will resemble real estate sales. But that is just a support service for real estate project investors.

It is more evident that the architectural model is a meticulous, intensive, and artistic work of conveying the ideas of a building’s design, architecture, or project into a miniature model before begin to construct a real building. It helps the viewer to visualize a whole and cover projects, works.

Hoai An Vien Cemetery Park Project have already completed by Song Anh company

Hoai An Vien Cemetery Park Project have already completed by Song Anh company

What do you need to do to model the architecture?

A successful architectural modeling project requires conveying the ideas of the designer or the owner. Positions of each area must be expressed accurately and correctly in proportion to the actual project. In addition, the art should also be concerned by the harmonious combination of the colors of lights and plants. What needs to achieve those requirements for a model?

Must have a passion for modeling

Don’t talk about the discussion of design knowledge, you must first have a passion for modeling work. Passion is expressed in trying to explore the techniques and materials to model so that model products become true.

There are two forms of modeling that are modeling the actual construction and modeling the reconstructed building. In it, the model of reconstructing the constructed works requires more accuracy and truthfulness.

Must have knowledge of modeling techniques

Architectural model is a branch of architectural design, so the basic requirement is that you must have knowledge of designing tools such as Autocad, Photoshop, etc .; Modeling skills.

For those who are just beginning to get involved in this modeling field, the first thing to grasp is understanding the size and scale from which drawings or actual dimensions are calculated. most reasonable

Must have specific goals

Next thing you need to have a specific goal. The objectives here are defined as project drawings, project images or ideas, which will then be planned to be implemented.

Model drawing design

Must have design drawings from which to plan implementation

For example, for Song Anh architectural model company, before implementing a model project, the model technician will need a design drawing of the project or 3D image, from which discussing together provides a complete plan that includes the requirements for completion time, the amount of material to do the model. Once there is a plan and a consensus between the two parties, the technical department will begin to implement the plan.

For beginners to model, first define yourself what you want to model? From there, plan to accomplish that goal until finalized.

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